IKEA To Launch Wireless Charging Furniture

Wireless charging is becoming incredibly prevalent with many new smartphones and devices being manufactured with integral Qi capability and adapters available for those that don’t have the technology built in. It’s not just in people’s homes that wireless charging technology is on the rise either; both McDonalds and Starbucks have plans to introduce wireless chargers to their cafés in the UK this year for most models of smartphone. In Starbucks […]


Behind the World's Most Famous Art

Some of the most famous paintings in history have a story to tell that you may not have known before. For example you may be familiar with The Creation of Adam, which was painted by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. But did you know that it took him four years to complete and is meant to illustrate the creation and downfall of mankind? Also, the mystery surrounding […]


4 Good Reasons for Having an Attractive Website Design

The internet is ubiquitous the world over. We can connect with people from across the globe and get information faster than ever. We can listen to music, watch TV, hold meetings and shop anytime, anywhere. But web design can be expensive and can take time. And once the site is designed and launched it needs upkeep and attention (like a trophy wife). If you’re a small business you may be […]


Call To Action Pages – The Do’s And Dont’s Involved

Good call to action pages play crucial role in boosting the sales on the website. They are the punch lines that hold importance in either the sale factor or in asking the visitors to sign up. When you have the most effective call to action pages, you know you are doing your bit in boosting the conversion rate on your website to almost 100%. Hence it becomes all the more […]


Excellent Tips for Designing The Perfect Ecommerce Store

When setting up a new online business, the look of the website is something that is often overlooked, going for the functionality of actually having the ability for customers to make a purchase as soon as possible, rather than spending the time to make sure the website is at the highest possible standard prior to launch. All online businesses should look at the website the same way they would a […]


A Truly Golden Age - 75 Super Years of America's Beloved Superhero - Infographic

Every citizen in America is acquainted with Superman. However, the superhero we know today wasn’t always such a great guy. In fact, when teenage creator Jerry Seigel first put Superman in print in 1932, the modern Man of Steel was a bald super villain with extraordinary mental powers – not unlike modern Superman nemesis Lex Luthor. Luckily for fans, when Seigel came back to Superman the following year, he rewrote him […]


Quick Ways To Get A Jumpstart On Your 3d Modeling Software

3d modeling software has a universal appeal that helps users break free from the confines and limitations of the physical world. People who enjoy to do things themselves instead of depending on professionals can easily render designs of new products, create realistic versions of hard to find parts or items, or just let their imaginations run wild. These 3d designs can be printed in metal, glass or plastic which increased […]


Web Design with SEO - Bringing More Business To You

SEO Web Design is the need of the hour for the website owners. Mostly, these are created to give a visual effect to capture the attention of the audience. This ensures that the person is captivated by the appearance of the website and spends ample of time on it. It is imperative that the client reads further and builds interest in the website. A properly designed website is required to […]


Why You Need Really Good Graphic Design to Boost Your Online Brand

Creating that lasting first impression is never easy especially if you are working within a budget. And if you think you are saving money by doing your own graphic design or by hiring substandard assistance, you need to think again. Hiring professional designers will save you more money by providing you with expert and unparalleled design skills that will surely boost your online brand. And if you want to really […]


Father's Day Infographic - Top 7 Things You Need to Know About Father's Day

There are many facts about Father’s Day you may not know. For example, Father’s Day started 4,000 years ago in Babylon! Going through a long history, it has become an official holiday in US since President Nixon signed a law in 1972. Besides giving you the origins of the way we call our ‘fathers’, or ‘dads’, this Father’s day infographic will also make you say “Wow!” with the records of […]