Things You Can Do With iPhone But Cannot with Android

The battle between iPhone users and Android users is ongoing, intense, and downright vicious. Entire wars have been fought over less. Anyone thinking of entering an online “iPhone vs. Android” discussion thread should only do so armed with a cup of coffee and some morale-boosting pictures of adorable kittens. Any brave iPhone users out there looking to jump into the fray as a foot soldier in the Phone Wars should […]


Most Popular and Useful Gadgets You Can Use For Your Kids

Kids need to have some gadgets at their disposal which are not only required for their mental and physical growth but also for the safety of your belongings. We need different gadgets in our everyday life and as a parent sometimes it becomes necessary to take aid of gadgets meant for kids. We have compiled a short list of some gadgets that are very easy to use, full of fun […]


6 Points to Understand How Cloud Computing Can Add Value to Your Time and Money

Just when the idea of mobile computing was presenting a stiff challenge to desktop computing another idea emerged on the technology scene. According to Wikipedia cloud computing refers to all resources (software or hardware) present on a remote location and accessible over a network (the internet). The user is connected through a web browser to access software or data. We can’t compare this technology to desktop or mobile computing as […]