Helpful Tips for Using VPN on Android Phone

What is a VPN? VPN actually stands for “Virtual Private Network” and is an application that was primarily marketed for use with the PC, but ever since the advent and popularity of smartphones, there has been a niche in the market for a networking app that supports multiple platforms. A VPN resembles a Wide Area Network (WAN) in many ways, it connects distant parts of a large industrial complex or […]


Why Facebook Advertising is Good For Businesses

Before internet, there were only a few ways to get the word out. Typically, businesses had advertisements, both short and full page, printed up in newspapers and magazines. People would see the advertisement, and depending on how effective it was, opt to purchase the product/service. In addition to print ads, you had ads being televised, with some channels, where various advertisements are aired continuously. Now, businesses can use Facebook marketing […]


11 Things You Can Do To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

Did you know that many businesses, even top ones, suffer some percentage of shopping cart abandonment? So dry your tears; you’re not alone. The average shopping cart abandonment rate ranges between 55-75%, but here are ways you can keep yours below those metrics. 1. Run Extensive Tests What you need to do is to test your customer’s confidence and ease of shopping on your site. No, we’re not talking about […]


Excellent Tips for Designing The Perfect Ecommerce Store

When setting up a new online business, the look of the website is something that is often overlooked, going for the functionality of actually having the ability for customers to make a purchase as soon as possible, rather than spending the time to make sure the website is at the highest possible standard prior to launch. All online businesses should look at the website the same way they would a […]


4 Top Website Design Mistakes to Avoid for Increasing Usability

Building a website is undoubtedly a daunting task, but the real challenge is in making it usable. Most of the designers forget this usability factor. They prioritize creativity over usability. What’s the result? The website designers land up making big mistakes, which affects the site’s functionality. Here, we will discuss 4 top website design mistakes, which should be avoided by the web designers. No Search Box Within The Website Your […]


The Most Important Things To Remember While Redesigning Your Company Webpage

Your business is moving into the 21st century. You have decided that the design of your page is old, and you are looking for something fresh and original. You have a good staff of people that work for you, but when it comes to computers, no one really understands them or has enough knowledge to design a quality webpage. Now that you want your webpage to have a whole new […]


SEO Updates - Freshest for This Time of 2013

If you are thinking about gaining a good deal of traffic to your site then you should consider Search Engine Optimization, or commonly known as SEO, in the first place. However, not everything you see and hear around you is reliable. While there is the so-called mixed information, missed information also abounds. Because of these realities, it really pays for everyone managing a site to learn the best way on […]


Fish Talk - A Better View Underwater From Above

They may smell quite stinky when raw, but fish definitely are a delight to the tastebuds when cooked right, not to mention its many nutritional benefits to the body. Therefore, we should be grateful to those gutsy fishermen and anglers for sailing through murky waters just to provide us with healthy meat from the seas and fresh waters. Finding and catching fish ain’t no easy feat. Every time on the […]


The Major Reasons to Choose the Cloud Data Storage

Everyone needs to back up their files and the essential data no matter they are the home users or running a business. Are you considering the cloud storage for back up? One should know about every aspect of cloud data and also the real advantage of this type of storage. Realistically, only person who has availed this service can tell us its advantages and disadvantages, but the views of different […]


Running Linux on Android Device

Linux is an operating system which is used in computer systems but can as well be used with android phones by those who would like to enjoy its functionalities. One of the solutions which you can use so that you can get to install Linux operating system is the complete installer for Linux. This is facilitated by the Linux on android phone project which developed the complete installer for Linux. […]