Track Your Child's Temperature And More With The Pacif-i Bluetooth Pacifier

Could this be the first smart wear for babies? Technology is creeping into every part of our lives, but anything that makes being a parent easier will surely be a hit. Pacifiers, dummies and soothers are a controversial topic between parents, but taking a child’s temperature is a necessity that can sometimes be difficult to monitor. The Pacif-i smart pacifier, made by UK based company Blue Maestro, is one of the newest […]


IKEA To Launch Wireless Charging Furniture

Wireless charging is becoming incredibly prevalent with many new smartphones and devices being manufactured with integral Qi capability and adapters available for those that don’t have the technology built in. It’s not just in people’s homes that wireless charging technology is on the rise either; both McDonalds and Starbucks have plans to introduce wireless chargers to their cafés in the UK this year for most models of smartphone. In Starbucks […]


Some Awesome Tips to Prevent Battery Memory Effect

Battery memory effect refers in particular to the effect on NiCd and NiMH batteries that makes them seem to lose their full capacity after incorrectly charging little and often instead of letting them discharge fully. However, symptoms similar to true memory effect can also be problematic for many types of batteries, and all battery types can fall victim to problems that make it seem as though they are not holding a full charge and […]


The Best Services To Help you Monetise Your Blog

Running a blog can be hard work and keeping on top of new posts, search engine optimisation and gaining followers can take a lot of time. As your blog audience grows it’s natural that you may think of looking into rewards for your work and monetising your blog could be the perfect solution as long as you know the best services to use. Here we look into the top three […]


SMB Mobile App Development – Rocking With DIY Resources

It seems never hard to imagine the scenario where five years down the line, all the mobile applications we can know of will dominate the marketing industry. Whether it is about a transaction or just anything else, you know that the mobile phones are going to be there – just anywhere. This also shifts the focus to the point where we can see the emerging need of the mobile application […]


How to Find the Better in VPN vs Cloud Computing?

What is VPN service? The VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service for accessing the blocked content over the internet. Through secret virtual network, the VPN service enables the user to hide away from the restrictions and bans of the ISPs and government. Besides this, VPN services are very useful for forming private networks for the small scale businesses and for use in the institutions. VPNs come up with cheap […]


What VPN Services Offer For MAC Users?

Mac is the abbreviated of Mac book which is the invention of APPLE. Mac is being used all over the globe with Apple’s own operating system. This operating system is widely known as Mac-Os. The use of Macs all around the world has become so popular because it is very user friendly. The user friendly interface of the main screen of Mac-Os showed new ways to other operating system makers. […]


What VPN Services for iPad Proves to be a Real Change?

Apple is an innovative firm. Like other inventions iPad is one of their inventions which are revolutionary in the line of tablets. Through iPad one can easily surf through internet, watch movies and organize data on big screen and retina display. The use of iPad does not end here. It is something vast. It also allows users to interact with other people through different apps. Connection also does not ends […]


5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Have A Website Blog

What does it mean to have a blog for your business website? It makes your website breathing, attracts search engines, and brings in more site traffic. Is it tough to setup a blog? It’s not. You can do that within minutes (with PrestaShop press release, if your website is based in Prestashop) and start getting connected with your business customers along with promoting your brand. If you are still confused […]


Enhancing Customer Loyalty In 5 Ways

What does an eCommerce website need? The customers. It might be easy to attract the customers, but it’s toughest to retain them for longer. Loyal customers are oxygen to make a business running successfully. Every eCommerce business owner wants the loyalty level enhanced at their website. What are the possible ways to do that? Here are given few to help such anxious eStore-owners. 1.      Thank You Page: Work On That […]