Ultrasound - A New and Innovative Way to Skin Tightening

When you hear of ultrasound you would always think probably of pregnant women and other medical procedures needing the benefits of such technology. You can’t deny the idea that that’s what people perceive of its use. But then it may have some other uses in beauty care and treatment that you may never hear about in the past. What is Ultrasound? The ultra sound makes use of sound pressure that […]


Myths About Eggs Debunked - 8 Popular Myths About Eggs Broken

Eggs are an essential part of our diet. In recent time, rumors have mounted with some condemning consumption of eggs while others still bequeathing the title of edible gold. Here are some common egg myths that have been around for sometime. Lets see how these myths affect us and what we can do about it to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Egg Myth 1 – Eggs with Intact Shell are […]


Can Milk Help In Losing Weight?

There are two schools of weight loss. One believes milk as magic solution to losing weight while the other correlates milk with high fat deposits. In this article, we shall discuss the truth behind milk’s function as an agent in losing weight or fat accumulator. What does milk consist of? The constituents of milk are divided into major and minor constituents. The minor constituents are negligible in a sense hence […]