Top 10 Foods That Will Increase Your Beauty Like Nothing Else

We often eat particular foods to aid and increase our health, but how often do we choose foods that help to increase our beauty? There are some brilliant beautifying foods that are easy to buy and tasty to eat so adding them to your daily diet is simple. This list of the top 10 foods to increase your beauty will teach you which foods you should start with. Oily Fish […]


10 Beauty Habits That Can Bring You More Damage Than Good

We all try to do the best with our beauty routines, hoping to keep our face and body in optimum condition and preserve its health for as long as possible. However we all get into bad habits, but sometimes we don’t even realise that what we’re doing can be damaging. Take a look at the list below of 10 beauty habits that can bring more damage than good to see if you […]


Track Your Child's Temperature And More With The Pacif-i Bluetooth Pacifier

Could this be the first smart wear for babies? Technology is creeping into every part of our lives, but anything that makes being a parent easier will surely be a hit. Pacifiers, dummies and soothers are a controversial topic between parents, but taking a child’s temperature is a necessity that can sometimes be difficult to monitor. The Pacif-i smart pacifier, made by UK based company Blue Maestro, is one of the newest […]


10 Amazing DIY Beauty Products You Can Make With Ingredients In Your Kitchen

There’s such a large amount of beauty and body products available from such a large amount of brands that it can sometimes be a chore to sift through the options and find something that works well for you with the ingredients that you like. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just make your own DIY versions of your favourite beauty products at home in your kitchen? Well now you […]


10 Awesome $10 Plants to Grow In Your Kitchen Garden

Kitchen gardens are brilliant because they not only help you out with cooking ingredients, but allow you to show off your green fingers. Filling spaces in a new or existing patch doesn’t have to be expensive, and even the tastiest of ingredients can be purchased and grown on a budget of $10 or less. Let us take you through 10 awesome plants to grow in your kitchen garden so you […]


How Calamari Oil Can Help Protect Your Brain

In the United States, there are 1.7 million people that suffer from traumatic brain injury every year. Once a patient is stabilized, there is no known treatment to help the patient’s brain to fully recover and go back to its former state. Most doctors usually adopt a “wait and see” approach to determine if the patient will regain their normal neurological function. Such was a case of Bobby Ghassemi, a […]


The Benefits Of Refrigerated Storage Of Meat

Some people believe that fresh meat, newly slaughtered, is the best meat for ease of meal preparation, texture and flavor.  It is known that fresh, warm meat that is not ever refrigerated spoils quickly and that this presents risk to our health.  If fresh meat is not to be consumed immediately (within a few hours), it must be refrigerated in order to prevent spoilage and food poisoning. There are many, […]


Headphones - The Perfect Companion While Running

Running is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise that provides your body with overall fitness. It is best for those who want to lose weight, achieve endurance, stay slim and lean and is perfect for the overall fitness of the body. The only possible drawback of running is the fact that it is a lonesome activity. Unlike working out in the gym where you have a […]


Top Reasons To See A Chiropractor During Pregnancy

Most of us know that chiropractors can be helpful for those experiencing back problems.  Many people, however, don’t realize that they can also be useful for helping with various other issues and problems.  Check out these top reasons to see a chiropractor during pregnancy. Reducing Nausea If there is one symptom that is almost synonymous with pregnancy, it would have to be nausea.  Studies show that over half of women […]


Caregiver Challenges - Elderly Nutrition

Caregiving can be physically and emotionally draining. The ever-increasing needs of the person in your care can be challenging, and you may not always know how to cope with them. One of the bigger problems many caregivers face is in the realm of nutrition, from lack of appetite to downright pickiness. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to alleviate the problem; if you feel that your loved one’s […]