Will Your Spouse’s Personal Credit Card Debt Be Your Current Accountability?

There are many debtors who wonder whether or not their wife’s credit card debt is their responsibility. According to the law, if you don’t sign the card, you aren’t responsible for the debt as it is not in your name. But under some specific circumstances, you might be held responsible for the debts of your spouse. But whether or not you will be held liable will depend on a few […]


3 Legitimate Ideas For Earning Money Online in 2013

Only 10 years ago, if you had told someone that it was possible to earn a million dollars online they would have thought you were crazy. Well, not only is it now completely possible in 2013, but there are numerous internet millionaires being made every single day. Think of it this way…the internet is still very much in it’s infancy, which means there are still countless opportunities for the average […]


5 Awesome Tips on How to Start Silver Stacking

If you are just beginning to stack silver and wondering where you should start – I have some no bull advice for you. There are a lot silver gurus and experts out there preaching their book. Be careful. Even though most of the silver stackers sincerely want to help the beginners very often their advice is confusing and not suitable for people who are just starting. Here’s some words of […]


Ways To Create More Cash For Your Business

A big part of making sure that you are able to grow and develop your business is getting the financial funding in place to do so. If you don’t have cash available, you’re going to find it difficult to grow your business, so it is vital that this is not overlooked. Many small businesses are rather strapped when it comes to garnering more money, but with these ideas, you can […]


Tempted By Sunnier Skies - Which Country Has the Best Career Prospects?

With UK unemployment figures sky-rocketing, many are turning to foreign jobsites rather than pounding British pavements for dwindling job opportunities. Almost half of today’s UK expats are professional or skilled workers including executives and doctors, compared with only 37% in 1991. High income tax rates, dour British weather and low career mobility are all popular reasons for UK citizens making the move abroad. Whatever your reason for booking the international […]


Why Bitcoin Users Must Surrender Their Anonymity

Bitcoin is a digital currency which began life in 2008 and is steadily growing in popularity. It is a virtual currency in many ways, with few physical bitcoins in existence. At present, there are 11 billion virtual bitcoins in circulation with a market value of close to $1.4 million. It is not backed by any single government or organisation and has not yet been widely accepted. Consequently, its exchange rate […]


Working Out How Much You Can Afford to Borrow

If you are considering taking out a loan, stop and consider whether you can truly afford it. Thinking about the money you will get can be enticing, but loans are not free, and too often people forget to thoroughly check whether they can afford the repayments. Before taking out a loan there are many considerations to take into account and you may not realise just how many. Do the Maths […]


How Significant is Career Guidance for a Person

Many of us will have seen a friend of ours stuck with a job that doesn’t provide any growth or job satisfaction. Then, there are few others who might be struggling on deciding which job to opt for after their college education. This is mostly because they find difficulty in identifying the one career they want to settle down with in the future. During such an instance, a career guidance […]


Medicare Advantage Cuts Looming for Senior Americans

The future of the Medicare program is a hot topic these days as certain features of the Obamacare program will take effect in 2014 and are likely to have considerable impact on benefits. For seniors living on fixed income, any substantial benefit funding reduction will almost always negatively impact the Medicare-related insurance plans that they may be enrolled in. Over the last decade, one of the more popular Medicare programs […]