10 Life Making Books To Read To Your Kids

The books we read in childhood can stay with us for the rest of our lives, teaching us important skills and ideas as well as their stories. It’s never too early to start changing your child’s way of thinking through books, whether that is helping them through a difficult time, enabling them to understand the world, or helping them learn about ideas such as self confidence. We’ve put together a list […]


Top 4 Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Career in Teaching

Teaching is a noble and lucrative profession, which demands 100% dedication on your part. On one hand where it is a challenging job role, on the other hand it is a highly rewarding profession. Here we discuss the four important things that every aspiring teacher should consider before you put your step forward in choosing teaching as your career. 1) Expectation of the Society As said earlier, teaching is a […]


Five Key Items for Bicycle Safety

With an increasing number of people opting to use their bikes as a way of getting around, the risk of danger can become even greater as it is not uncommon for cyclists to be the smallest object on the road. Cars have a lot more protection than bicycles and are capable of achieving much faster speeds, so if there was an accident then it would be likely that it could […]


Pathways to Becoming a Pilot

If you are reading this then there is a good chance that you are the type of person who has either openly or secretly desired to fly and become a pilot. You imagine to yourself how amazing it must feel to be in the open blue soaring high above the rest of the world. Your daydreams aren’t far from reality. Flying is as exciting as it seems and the pathways […]


9 Awesome Tips to Become A Great Photographer

Photography can be a very fascinating hobby, or it can be the route to a career that you love. Either way, it is something that you can enjoy, and it can help you capture some of the best moments in life. This article can help you learn more about photography, whether you just want to take better family pictures or want to become a professional one day. Read on to […]


Thermal Imaging Camera: the Amazing Gadget Which Caught the Boston Bomber

Thermal imaging technology may seem like an unlikely hero, but Massachusetts police relied on infrared images taken by a FLIR camera to track down Dzhokar Tsarnev, the alleged bomber. During the 20-hour manhunt for Tsarnev, police ordered a citywide curfew to ensure citizens stayed at home and out of danger. At 8.15pm on April 19th, the police had eyes on a man corned in a boat. A Massachusetts State Police […]


What Branson’s Space Travel Program Teaches Us About Greener Business

This week, billionaire Richard Branson announced that his Virgin Galactic space flights will have the lowest carbon emission possible. He informed journalists in Singapore that his company has reduced the environmental cost of an individual going into space from around two weeks of the electricity needed to power New York, to less than the carbon footprint of an economy round-trip from London to Singapore. Branson admitted that his space travel […]


Everything You Need to Know to Become an Online Journalist

Online journalism is defined as the reporting of facts when produced and distributed via the Internet (source: Wikipedia.org). Journalism is a very demanding profession and is adopted by millions world wide. With the arrival of internet tools the job has become relatively easy especially in terms of the reporting perspective. But as it stands, there is no profession which doesn’t require the right aptitude, suitability for the job performed and […]